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Compare & Contrast - Verizon vs. AT&T and the iphone 4

Which is better, what should you do? has a nice comparison chart detailing the phone on each carrier.  Now it's your decision...


Microsoft Patch Tuesday...Get Ready

As I stress the need to keep your system updated, I would be derelict in my duty if I did not advise of major updates.  Tuesday, look for major updates from Microsoft.  Windows Update should initiate them for you if you have Automatic Updates enabled.  If not, enable it and update your system

Details on Tuesday Patches


Bad news for Mozy Users

Due to the onslaught of customers and increased storage demands, Mozy is raising prices and limiting storage options.  Check out this link:


Can the Government shut down the Internet?....well, yes

Fascinating reading here that you should be mindful of.  The Internet is such an intricate part of our lives now, to think that the government has the ability to shut it down.  I guess the political loonies will have a field day with this now..


Verizon announces data plan pricing for iphone 4

$30 for an unlimited data plan for Verizon customers with the upcoming iphone 4.  The catch is that Verizon is already announcing that the plan will be short lived and eventually changed to a tier level fee based system.  Mighty gutsy of them to tell you the bait and switch plan prior to doing it. 


Net Neutrality Explained!

Great video on Youtube explaining what Net Neutrality is and why it's important


Verizon has jumped in and are the first to challenge the FCC authority to enforce Net Nuetrality