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I was child of the 1980's.  I probably can kick the rear end of almost anyone with 80's pop music trivia.  To that end, George Michael was special to me.  I have no problem admitting that and celebrating that.  From Wham! through to his solo career, he was special to me.  I was at a family dinner when I heard the news that he passed away.  You get a sense of how important people are in your life when you find out that they are gone.  To this day, I am still sad about that day.  I was unsure what kind of tribute he would get, to my surprise and delight, I found out that the Grammys were going to do a tribute.

To say that i was disappointed isn't close to how i felt.  If anyone has another word for feeling worse than disappointment, please pass it on to me.  This has nothing to do with Adele doing the tribute or even that she screwed up the song.  I cannot imagine that true George Michael fans would ever understand why she picked Fastlove to sing.  When she screwed up the lines, I honestly didnt realize it because of my profound disappointment and disgust with the song choice and whole presentation.  I had truly tuned out to the tribute of one of my all time favorite singers.  Well, leave it up to the british to make things right.  I should have anticipated it, after all, they are the country that was the origin for Sanford and Son (Steptoe and Son) and Three's Company (Man of the House), two of my all time favorite shows.  At the Brits 2017 Award show, they did a proper tribute.  Somehow they dug out Andrew Ridgeley, Pepsi and Shirley.  If you do not know who the last two are, you are not a Wham! fan.  I have the whole tribute embedded for those who care about how you have a proper tribute to an all time great.  If you loved George as I did, this is a must watch...  Click Here to watch!