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Where To Go To Download Free Software


For all the software that I recommend, I have a link to the direct website of each.  However, there are more efficient ways of getting most of that software without travelling to each site.  Here are three great sites that I recommend:


Ninite - This is my favorite.  At this site, you simply select the check box for all the software you want, download the installer and the site installs all of them for you.  Better yet, Ninite automatically unselects all optional software that normally would come with the programs.  No more dealing with unwanted toolbars you naively installed along with that great program.  Ninite is free to use on your home computer.  All software on the site is the most up-to-date version too.

Filehippo - This site is very similar to Ninite.  However, Filehippo has a more extensive collection of software to choose from.  It does not install any of them, but will allow you to get older versions of all software.  On the home page, they run a daily list of updated and new software released.

Freeware Files- an outstanding site to get thousands of freeware titles.  Explore and enjoy.