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Virus / Malware Removal

If you find yourself plagued with the most common computer issue, I can help.  Despite what some "experts" in the big box stores may tell you, the only way to reliable and proven way to completely get rid of a malware infection is to back up your data (if possible), format your hard drive and re-install your operating system from a known good source (ie. your Recovery DVD or original Operating System Disc).  If anyone tells you differently, they are not being completely honest with you.  Yes, it is possible to remove a virus through other means, such as installing malware removal programs, but no program can promise to get every infection that may exist on the system.  Why?,  because the standard method of operation of malware infection is to stay hidden, replicate and be hard to remove.  No program can be sure to identify and locate all infections. 

Most Virus / Malware Removal can be done within 24-48 hours.  This includes the backing up and restoration of your data, the re-installation of your operating system and system updates.  Call for more information.