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Here is how it works, you have music, video, pictures....files.  You want to access them anywhere.  Home, on vacation, at work, at play, but how do you do it?  Introducing the battle of the cloud players, Google, Amazon and Apple.  All three services work this way, you upload your files to their servers and use them on your portable device, computer or any device with Internet access.  Here is a quick breakdown of what all three offer you.

Google Music

It's free for now, Google has not disclosed what any future pricing may be

You can store 20,000 songs on their servers

Songs need to be uploaded

You can stream them to any device with Internet access

You need a google email account to use the service


Amazon Cloud Player

5GB is free, $20 for 20GB up to $1000 a year for a terabyte.   Music purchased from Amazon do not count against your storage limit.

Songs need to be uploaded

You can stream the music

You can download to music to different computers/devices

You can store any type of file to the service, not just music or video

You need an Amazon Account to use


Apple iCloud

Unlimited storage for music purchased on iTunes.  All other songs on your computer can be stored after paying for iTunes Match, a service that will scan all of your non-iTunes music.  iTunes will try to find a match in their store, if they do, it will be available for you.  iTunes match costs $24.99 a year.

There is not streaming available

You can only use with Apple devices


For a more comprehensive list of features, check out this chart compiled by CNET