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How to Backup your computer online for free

Free Photo Storage

One thing most of us do not do is backup our computers.  You can do it with an external hard drive or with DVD's, but everyone should have a cloud backup.  Why? because what happens if your computer and the external drive are stolen or lost in a fire?  You need off site backup, as I mention in another section of the website.  There are many sites that offer you backup for free.  The only problem is that most, if not all of them limit the amount you have and in those instances, they are usually less than you need.  If you do not mind navigating to different sites, then you actually can back up everything online for free.  Here's How...


For your photos, navigate over to  A free account at Flickr will allot you 1TB of free photo storage.  That's right, 1TB, more storage than you will ever need.   If you want to know how many pictures that is, they have a sliding scale on the bottom of the page, simply pick the megapixel size of your camera and it will tell you how many images that is.  All you need is a yahoo email account to use Flickr.  Since you can download any image you upload at anytime, it really is an online backup solution.