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What is an Internet Browser?

Quite simply, an Internet browser is a program on your computer that you use to view web pages on the Internet.  It does not matter which browser you use, they all do essentially the same thing, allow you to see a web page on a website.  The three most popular at this moment are Firefox 4, Internet Explorer 9 and Google Chrome

Which should you use?

There is no right or wrong browser to use, just which one you prefer the best.  I personally use Firefox 4 and Google Chrome.  For years I did not recommend Internet Explorer.  It was buggy, slow and dangerous because Microsoft was lax in updating it.  This was the primary reason why Internet Explorer 6 and earlier versions were so hated.  Firefox was actually created by the tech community in response to Microsoft's lack of attention to Internet Explorer 6.  The tech community frustrated with the poor security and overall performance, formed Mozilla and we got Firefox.  As Firefox grew in popularity, it got the attention of Microsoft and thus an improved Internet Explorer.  Google came along and gave us Google Chrome.  I recommend installing all three because if you have a problem viewing a site with one browser, you generally can get around it by viewing it in another browser.

More Choices

If you find that you do not like the most popular three, there are more to choose from.  Apple has Safari, Opera is another good browser and Maxthon are decent alternatives.