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System Updates / Cleanup

Most users tend to not take particular good care of their systems.  This is usually due to general ignorance to what needs to be done.  If you find your system slowing down, acting sluggish and plagued with general errors appearing, it may not necessarily be a malware infection.  Sometimes it may be a case of heavy fragmentation, unnecessary programs and processes running in the background or the lack of enough memory installed.  Many IT professionals engage in a practice of re-installing our operating systems once a year.  What does it do?  It removes the muck and grind that may have been slowing down our computer.  It returns it to a state that it was in when new.  It's also a way of "gardening".  This is the process of weeding out those programs that we do not use.  When the system is re-installed, we have a better idea of what programs we really need and those that we do not.  Depending on your issues, uninstalling unneccesary programs, updating programs and/or upgrading the operating system may be what you need.  My free analysis can advise you on the best course to take.