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ID Theft, yes your kids are are targets too.


In case you thought this was a problem restricted to adults, that has changed.  A growing trend amongst ID thieves is to still the identity of children.  Unfortunately, too many creditors do not do a good enough job of checking the identity of applicants.  The primary check is that of the social security number.  If that comes back clear, many institutions will grant credit.  As children are given social security numbers around the time of birth, that social security number is a gold mine for thieves.  We shouldnt let parents off the hook by the way, more and more of the ID theft is done by parents.   Many see their children's clean credit history as a way of getting what they want.  Many children pay the price when the enter adulthood with an already tarnished credit history.  If you want to check to see whether or not your child may have had their credit impacted by ID theft, check out this site. is site dedicated to helping people recover from ID theft.  They have an offer for a free check of your child's identity.  It may be worth trying if you are suspicious.