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Extensions to make Firefox Even Better!

For those unfamiliar, extensions are add-ons to your Internet browser that adds additional functionality.  Firefox was the first browser to integrate extensions in a big way.  Here are my favorites and why.

Adblock Plus

This extension essentially blocks ads from appearing when you visit websites.  Enough said.


This extension will put an image of the flag of the country that hosts the website you are looking at.  This is helpful in that most rogue or dangerous websites reside in foreign countries, typically Eastern Europe and Asia.  If you come across a suspicious site and you see a foreign country as the site's host, you should take notice and leave.

Web of Trust

This extension will give you a series of colors in your address bar to indicate the safety level rating of a website.  Green means good, Yellow means caution, Red means leave immediately.   When you come across a dangerous site, web of trust will intercept you and warn you and give you the opportunity to not go there.  The same color coded circles will also show up in your Google searches.

XMarks and Firefox Sync

Both of these extensions allows you to synchronize your bookmarks across multiple computers.  An excellent way to make sure your bookmarks are the same on all your computers.  The difference between the two is that Firefox Sync will only sync between Firefox, Xmarks syncs across different browsers.

Forecast Fox

This extension will give you your local weather forecast as a widget in your browser.

Search Preview

This extension will give you a thumbnail preview of a website when you do a Google search.

Video DownloadHelper

This extension will allow you to immediately download almost any video from any website with the click of the icon provided by this extension.


This extension will allow you to get competing prices on products you are looking at.  If you go to and search for a television, this extension will give you a list of other sites selling the same product and the prices.