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I provide low cost, home computer support in the Greater Pittsburgh Area.  5 years ago, I was an instructor for an Older Adult Computer Education Class at the Salvation Army in Homewood.  For two years, I came across story after story of seniors, in particular, being overcharged or cheated when looking for good computer help.  At that time, I offered my services to everyone in class at a low cost.  5 years later, through pure word of mouth, I am still around, with a large customer base.  This website is designed to keep everybody informed of what is new and important with technology.

Free Analysis - I charge nothing to evaluate your system to let you know what your problem is.  I charge nothing to come to your home to look at your computer.  You will get an honest evaluation of your issue and reasonable choices of how to address the issue.

Advice and Answers:  Thank you to all of my past customers, thanks to you, I had to switch my cell plan from 200 texts to an unlimited plan.  What does that mean?  Well, if you have a question about anything, just give me a call or text.  Texts are usually answered within minutes if possible, calls are answered within 24 hours at the latest.  If I do not have an answer, I will get back to you with one shortly.  If that is not fast enough, do what I do, master Google! (Secret, all technicians are google masters, you didnt really think we knew everything, did you?)

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