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The simple answer is.....possibly.  Understand if you are selling or wanting to get rid of it, it is extremely likely because of the age of the computer.  In some cases, there maybe something wrong with it that makes it undesireable.  Yes, I may buy it from you, but it depends on the condition of it.   Some important factors are:


Processor type



Your honesty

Anything over 4 years of age has limited value, no matter how much you may have upgraded it.  Any single core processor (ie. Pentium 4) has limited to no value.  If in poor condition, that is another factor.  In order to resell or donate a computer to someone, it has to at least look in good shape.  A computer in poor condition is almost impossible to give away, let alone sell.  As far as usefulness, if it only has a 20GB hard drive or 256MB of RAM, it is not useful.  However, if you want to drop me an email to see what I can offer, go ahead, just wanted to give you some of the reasons why a tech guy may or may not take you up on your offer.

Some additional information that I think you should be aware of.  If I decide to purchase the computer, please be aware that I will turn it on and examine it to make sure it actually works and is in the good condition that it should be.  If it does not turn on or is not in good condition, I will not buy it.  I have had many who have tried to pass off computers in poor condition to me.  This is noted so that neither of us wastes each other's time.

When contacting me, please have this minimum piece of information.  The make and model of the computer/laptop.  In order to give you a fair price, I need to know the model number.  Telling me that you have a Dell laptop means almost nothing.  It will only lead me to reply back asking what is the model number.  Also, I need to know what cosmetic issues are present, if any. 


NOTE:  The most that I will offer you for any computer is $150-200 at most.  And that is only for a very good, newer system.  The reason is simple.  In over 10 years of selling computers, nobody spends more than $200 on a used desktop computer....period.  $300 is the limit that people spend for used laptops.  As such, in order to make a profit, I can only offer so much. 



Happy Computing!