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How many updates are there?

I spent entirely too much time yesterday updating all these silly computers.  It seemed that everytime I would run an update, another was waiting.  The pain of owning a Windows computer.  3 computers and a couple of hours later, I think I am done.....I think.


Karma, good old fashion Karma...

It may start to be difficult to get an iPad2 from a certain Electronics retailer with the initials BB anytime soon.  As many of you know, the iPad2 has been sold out literally everywhere with waiting lists lasting weeks.  Word from Crunchgear that Apple is not very happy with BB over their sales techniques.  Apparently BB gets a stock and decides to put a quota on how many they will sell each day.  When that quota is met, they stop and tell all interested customers that they are sold out.  I imagine it helps store traffic to have people coming in everyday looking for an iPad, but Apple isnt smiling at this.  According to Crunchgear, BB is being blacklisted by Apple for now.  So they might want to keep that stock they have been hording up, they are not going to see a new stock for a long time.

To add insanity to this story, in another state, according to Crunchgear, some customers are being told they must buy the worthless BB extended warranty in order to get an iPad2 in stock.  When customers protested, some were told try and find one somewhere else. 


The hackers won today..

Adobe announces a zero-day exploit for Adobe Flash, Reader and Acrobat today.  The exploit is almost the same exploit that was patched a month ago.  It is back.  Also, Facebook has announced a virus on the site that is spreading.  Your only real danger is if you are a Twilight movie fan.  It is based in the game Breaking Dawn that followers have been passing around.  If given an invite to play the game, pass on it.  Adobe will be releasing a fix soon, we hope. 

This is in addition to the 64 fixes Microsoft will be issuing tomorrow with Windows Update.  Keep your systems updated.  Finally, a new ransomware program is circulating.  If you get it you will get the screen shown here:

This ransomware is particularly nasty.  It locks you out of windows completely (normal and safe mode).  You can only unlock it by calling a phone number to activate your copy of Windows again.  The number claims to be toll-free and to Microsoft, of course, neither are true.  You would be calling an expensive International number.  Your only recourse is to do a clean install of your system.


Windows 7 finally passes Windows XP

According to Pingdom, a tracking group, Windows 7 has passed Windows XP in usage for the first time.  Seems like the folks at Microsoft may finally have reason to celebrate.


Huge Windows Update on Tuesday

64 patches coming on Tuesday in what Microsoft is calling their biggest update to date.  Check Windows update starting on Tuesday


Firefox 5 coming in June

Now, I must admit that I am a bit confused.  It took Mozilla over two years to get us from version 3 to 4, and now they are moving to version 5 in 2 months.  Mozilla has announced that Firefox 5 will be coming out June 21, 2011.  They intend to hold to a more frequent release schedule, preferably about every 6 months.  This is similar to Google Chrome.