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I did not touch a computer yesterday!

It is now past midnight, so I can pass on the word that I did not operate a computer on Saturday, February 19, 2011.  Due to the Flu and a severely sprained knee, I did not touch a computer for a whole day.  The fact that I am posting this is an indication of how rare this is.  Of course I come back to Windows updates adn other issues, welcome back!


Latest Repairs, general news

- Currently replacing a keyboard on a Dell mini 10 (spilled coffee)

- Sold a Windows 7 Desktop with a flatscreen

- Replaced a system hard drive (yes, it was dying)

- Diagnosed a potential faulty laptop screen as healthy, an annoying desktop image had taken over and fooled the customer

- Added memory to two other systems

So far, every is happy..........



Happy Birthday to me

No point in having your own site if you can't wish yourself a happy birthday.  Having fun so far, so that is good


Run Windows Update, Major Patch yesterday

Major Patch Tuesday yesterday.  If Windows Update has not prompted you, run Windows Update and update your system


T-Mobile offering free phones this Friday and Saturday

Yes, with a new 2 year contract, any phone at T-Mobile is free.  Two days only


Beware Verizon iPhone 4 Users, Chill on your data use

One of the problems that AT&T encountered when they got the iphone was that the phone encourages heavy data use.  Accessing the Internet and Internet linked activities was so easy that many AT&T subscribers did it on a regular basis.  Time has shown that AT&T was ill prepared to handle this surge of data hungry customers.  As of this writing, 2% of Internet usage was done with an iPhone and/or iPad.

Verizon has a plan in place already to make sure you do not use your iPhone too much (so nice of them).  As of the official release of the iphone, Verizon will be throttling the data speed of the top 5% of data users.  What does this mean?  The more data you use, the slower your data transfer speed will be.  Welcome to Verizon