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About Available Computers

All Used Computers are examined for quality.  What does this mean?

All Computers sold are acquired through legal means.  Most are discarded from large companies and school districts.  Computers that have very little to nothing wrong with them, simply discarded because of routine technology upgrading that takes place.  Pittsburgh Tech Guy does not sell any computers from questionable sources.

All Hard Drives are erased and reformatted with a new legal operating system.

When necessary, a new battery is acquired and included.  Understand that all laptop batteries have a limited life span.  Although the battery may be new, I cannot guarantee the quality and/or length of the battery life included.  All I can guarantee is that you will not get a dead battery.

The following software is typically installed on all systems:

Google Chrome



Flash Player

Auslogics Disc Defragger

Microsoft Security Essentials

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Foxit Reader

VLC Media Player

CDBurner XP


Microsoft Office 2003 with compatability pack for Office 2007-2013

Hard Drive sizes vary by laptop, but the minimum size that I try to include is at least 160GB.  Larger sizes are available as an upgrade upon request. 

Memory sizes vary from 2GB to 8GB, but most will be 2-4 GB when possible.

Most laptops will show some minimum signs of wear, but every effort is made to ensure a high quality product.  Keyboards are typically replaced if wear is excessive or unsightly.   Touchpads are also replaced if significant worn is shown. 

If you have any questions on any laptop or desktop, please inquire.

File Transfer from your old computer/laptop to the new one is free of charge.


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