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How to check the Mac Model 

New Mac models do not come out as often as new iPhone models do. Even iPads, as popular as they are, aren’t refreshed annually. The model to model difference between Macs often isn’t that noticeable either so it might not be easy to tell, at a glance, what your Mac model is. In fact, for some iPhone models, you cannot tell them apart unless you actually use the device and notice the difference in features. Macs, like iPhones, have a built in method to check the Mac model of a MacBook or iMac, or Mac mini.

Check Mac Model

On your Mac, go to the Apple menu and select About this Mac.

This will open a window giving you an overview of the Mac. The window, by default opens to the Overview tab that ought to tell you what your model is. The screenshot below shows that the Mac in question is a MacBook Pro but it doesn’t give the year.

To get the year, you can copy the serial number given on this same tab, and enter it on Apple’s page for checking service and support coverage.

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