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OMG, that's officially a word now?, LOL

Well it's official, the Oxford English Dictionary has made the web acronyms OMG and LOL official words in the most recent updates to the official dictionary.  I apologize to all the English majors that are jumping off of bridges after hearing this news.  For more about this and other words that made the cut, check it out here.


Hard Drive Search Warrants, hmm....

An emerging issue of the day involves the increasing use of law enforcement in getting search warrants for your hard drive.  What are they looking for?  Of course it depends on what crime you are suspected in engaging in.  This fascinating article from Ars Technica dives into the issue.  As more and more of our lives are stored digitally, we really need to think about how to secure it is from prying eyes.  For the criminally inclined, they tend to leave stuff where we can find it, but for you honorable, law-abiding citizens, you can easily secure your data on your drives from anyone with programs such as TrueCrypt and the like. 


It fell out of a plane and lived!

My ex (a Verizon gal) recently purchased the iphone for the first time.  She asked if she should get the warranty on it.  She asked what was the liklihood of breaking the iphone.  From personal experience, I always break mine when my upgrade period starts (nice convenient coincidence).  The phone really is resilient in terms of durability.  This recent article only reinforces that fact.  A fine member of our military accidentally dropped his iphone from the plane he was on.  1,000 feet at 150 mph later, the phone survived the drop.  There are several commercials that can be made from this event.  Apple can make a MobileMe ad because that GPS service (free with the phone), actually located it in the wooded area.  Griffin can make a nice commercial about their phone covers, the phone was in their "Motif TPU" iphone case and kept the damage down to nothing.  I guess I don't need that Squaretrade iphone warranty after all.


Update!: Firefox 4 downloads first day over 7 million

I guess to say that everybody has been waiting for the new Firefox 4 browser is an understatement.  So what do you think of the new Firefox?  Check out this first look from CNET:


Follow real time emergency events worldwide

At this site, you can look at a map and follow real-time worldwide emergencies as they happen.  In light of what is happening in Japan, this site has become very popular.  Check out this video from Revision 3 on the website.


Are you sick of Charlie Sheen and/or Justin Bieber on the net?

You are in luck, some good-hearted techie out there has created a browser plug-in for Firefox and Chrome that will block your browser from displaying anything Charlie Sheen or Justin Bieber.  Download and install TintedSheen to block Charlie.  Download and install ShavedBieber here.