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Follow real time emergency events worldwide

At this site, you can look at a map and follow real-time worldwide emergencies as they happen.  In light of what is happening in Japan, this site has become very popular.  Check out this video from Revision 3 on the website.


Are you sick of Charlie Sheen and/or Justin Bieber on the net?

You are in luck, some good-hearted techie out there has created a browser plug-in for Firefox and Chrome that will block your browser from displaying anything Charlie Sheen or Justin Bieber.  Download and install TintedSheen to block Charlie.  Download and install ShavedBieber here.


Would you pay for news on the web?

Interesting question, because as of March 28, 2011, if you want to read the New York Times online, you will have to pay.  The first 20 pages you look at will be free, beyond that, get your wallet out.  Plans will range from a limited access plan of $15, upwards to $35 a month for full access.  If you are a current subscriber of the newspaper print edition (about $63 a month), you will get full access for free.  Many have tried, all have failed to charge for news content online, will the New York Times succeed where everyone else has failed?  Would you pay $35 a month to read one newspaper online?


AT& T buying T-Mobile for $39 Billion...

Last week, AT&T announced that they were going to start to have bandwidth caps on home Internet service ( a little shot out to Netflix), this week they are buying T-Mobile.  I'm sure we will hear an excellent story on how less competition is actually good for all of us.  I'm sure the Verizon bid for Sprint is a couple of weeks away.  After that, they will explain how curbing Netflix is actually good for all of us.  For those who may not be aware of the game, the bandwidth caps are starting just as Netflix is becoming a major player in television content.  The more you watch, the less the networks and cable providers make on their own overpriced content.  So Netflix is the next target, hence bandwidth caps.  Sorry for the editorial, but they are so obvious in their devious schemesRead on to get a more comprehensive view of the merger.  For an excellent analysis of the rise and fall of the telephone industry in this country, read this.


Windows 7 Remote Assistant Feature

Spent about 10 minutes online today with a customer from Georgia with a sound card issue.  There are many remote access programs on the market, many very good, but I cannot imagine many being more simple and easy to use than the built in program in Windows 7, Remote Assistant.  You can connect and control a friend's computer in minutes.  Note, it is only available for those using Windows 7.  You can find it in the Maintenance folder under your "all programs" from your start menu.


Firefox 4 is available now, the wait is over, is it better .........

Mozilla has previously announced that Firefox 4 would be made available on Tuesday, but apparently it is available now.