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Firefox 4 Release Candidate Released!

If you are a firefox user, I would recommend upgrading from 3.XXX to 4 now.  The release candidate is solid and an improvement.  When 4 is finally officially released, it will simply upgrade the Release Candidate version.  For those unfamiliar, a Release Candidate version is essentially the final beta version before the official new release comes out.  Typically, there is very little difference between the two. 


Frustration lifted!!

The eeePC netbook problem has been resolved.  The culprit was a bad memory stick causing the issues.  Just got a PC from Georgia to look at and solved that issue as well.  (Yes, it is cheaper to UPS a desktop computer to and from Georgia to Pennsylvania and pay me than it is to run down the street to see the G**k S***d from a certain retail chain)  The week started out with crappy, annoying problems and ends with solutions!  Next week, we'll see what happens when the motherboard for a Gateway Desktop comes in and that repair starts. 


Firefox 4 scheduled for late March release

All indications are that Firefox 4 will be released before the end of the month.  Currently in beta (for almost a year), the new version appears to be a good upgrade over the current version.  You can download the Firefox 4 Beta here, it is essentially the final version except for minor tweaks that may be forthcoming.


Very Frustrating......

Currently trying to restore a eeepc 1005ha netbook that does not want to cooperate.  Research has shown that there are tons of annoying issues in trying to restore this system.  Wish me luck, going on my second day dealing with this netbook.  Thank the heavens that tablets are putting these computers to a nice death.


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Latest Service Calls, news

Busy couple of days, but still fun!

Reset a Home Router

Installed a Wireless Network Printer

Installed a mobile Cricket Internet USB stick

Setup a New Laptop with software

Cleaned up a Desktop dirtied by a boyfriend (at least that's what she said)

Installed Memory,

Currently in negotiations with a guy in Clarion over a nice laptop that needs a new screen...

Actually we have come to an agreement on price, he justs lives in Clarion, not looking forward to that drive!